n99  Created by: T.Coomber

Welcome to n99 An APP on the SAFEnetwork where content providers are rewarded in safecoin for the material they create. A common wealth of human knowledge where creative people can collaborate share ideas where creative people are rewarded for the creations they generate.n99 a network where you can shape evolution of the internet n99 unleashing human potential


Envisioned and being developed by a team led by visionary Tim Coomber, n99 is the technology that will allow everyone on earth to share their creative talents with the world. There is a future in creating no more starving artists musicians authors comedians film makers creators the ERA of the creative is RISING


n99 is peer to peer replacing the dependency of current server based systems removing the central points of failure n99 is crypto secured freedom privacy and secure access for everyone n99 is a safe network where content providers can distribute personal private or public data the choice is yours n99 is A portal to the Safe Network providing channels for users to navigate, tools for content providers to create content, collaborate and customise their user interface. In return, n99 will provide access to surplus resources for use by the Safe Network and re-distribute recompense received in SafeCoin within n99. n99 is autonomous a network with no points of central control no more middle men no more gatekeepers n99 the freedom to unleash human potential

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