LifeStuff  Created by: MaidSafe

This open-source app is being developed by the core team in Troon, Scotland as we speak. It is one of the example apps they plan on launching with the network. It will be your portal to all your personal things, like your photos, documents, contacts, etc.


LifeStuff has been worked on for the last few years, on-and-off as the team has done work developing the encrypted p2p network that is going to replace the internet as we use it today. While LifeStuff is also an important mission for the team, the network itself has taken precedence, obviously, because without the network this app--or any other--simply couldn't exist.


LifeStuff is meant to be an all-in-one portal for your personal files that you keep on the SAFE Network. It will connect to the SAFE VFS Drive, (the app that stores your files) and do all the complicated tasks for you. So all you will need to know is that with this, you can log into the network and upload/download your files like Dropbox, except your file will exist here forever, for free, without risk of deletion.

Other Comments

It was expected that the network would launch at the end of last year, (and this app soon after,) however an amazing new coding language came out called "Rust" that turned out to be perfect for the SAFE Network to be created with. So, the team decided to restart the whole network from scratch in Rust. This means we will have to wait a few more months to see the network or this app. Follow it on Github!