Project Decorum  Created by: Seneca

In short, the protocol describes a way to store and find related messages on the SAFE Network without requiring some central hub to either connect the participants or to receive and store the messages in one location. It can be used to create conversations in any form, such as a comment section on a blog, a discussion forum, or simply one-on-one conversations


I already implemented the basics of the protocol in a decentralised forum proof of concept using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I'm currently using a regular hash table as a substitute for SAFE's distributed hash table, which allows me to test almost all of the functionality despite the SAFE Network not being online yet. Currently this proof of concept is able to retreive a conversation, display it as a threaded forum discussion, and to let the user add a reply to any of the messages.


The coming weeks I will work on expanding this proof of concept's functionality and making it presentable. At the same time I will work on proper documentation of the protocol. I plan to create a more expansive topic in the near future, to show pictures or perhaps a video of the forum-in-progress and to explain the protocol in more detail.

Other Comments

Everything will become open source when the decentralised forum is launched, perhaps earlier. I'll try to provide a proper implementation for comment sections on blogs as well, I imagine plenty of you will be interested in that!