Firefox Extension  Created by: MaidSafe

We have never had full access to the internet. Every known web service takes down links or content when governments tell them to. Google, Facebook, Reddit, Baidu, Twitter, Craigslist, and everything else you can think of censors what you can see. Once SAFE is available, you will finally be free to see everything...


Being one of the first necessities of a new internet, a web browser for SAFE Network has been in the works at least since September of 2014. While a full-fledged browser will ultimately come to be, the short-term goal is making a simple extension for FireFox, Chrome, Safari and the other browsers, so people can replace http, and type in something like safe:blog.yourname/mylife.html (ex.) and see files hosted on the Network instantly. A LIVE DEMO has already been released, working on Windows / Mac / Linux.


The extensions will allow you to view many types of files that are hosted on this new internet, all from your regular internet browser. All you will have to do is replace "http://www." with "safe:" and you will be good to go check out any link or content you wish! While any file will be available through it's exact hash, the community is actively hashing out (lame pun intended) ideas for a decentralized DNS, such as this, this, and this (my personal favorite!), but it is inevitable that a great many DNS solutions will evolve and coexist on the Network.

Other Comments

It was expected that the network would launch at the end of last year, (and this app soon after,) however an amazing new coding language came out called "Rust" that turned out to be perfect for the SAFE Network to be created with. So, the team decided to restart the whole network from scratch in Rust. This means we will have to wait a few more months to see the network or this app. Follow it on Github!